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Josh Olsen was born in a small town in Texas, called Brenham. His mother was a singer and songwriter, and inspired him from a young age. His childhood was spent in recording studios and his mother’s concerts. Being a shy kid, and a little different from most kids, he was very bullied in school. 


“Music was a way for me to get out my feelings out and express myself. It made me feel powerful, like I was in control in a world where a lot of times, I felt helpless."


Josh wrote his first song on the guitar when he was 5 years old, and that was the start of many songs. His mother ended up giving up her career to raise Josh and his 4 siblings, so she started leading the music in their families’ church. Josh got his start by singing along side his mother every Sunday. He then went on to lead the youth group band, which lead to touring around Texas doing music with his twin brother. 


After high school, Josh decided he wanted to chase his dreams of doing music full time. He and his brother wrote their first full length album together. Josh’s dad studied sound engineering and had a great ear for music, so he took on the task of recording their first album. After the album was done, Josh and his brother decided to move out of their small town to look for more opportunities in the big city, so they moved the band to Austin. Shortly after, Josh and his brother Jeremiah did the show the X-Factor, making it to the top 40 acts in America.


“It was a great learning experience for us, more than just being on a show, it really made me realize my love for performing and singing at that level, and made me realize I wanted to take my music as far as it could possibly go.”


 After the X-factor, Josh and his brother decided to start performing separately to allow themselves to be their own artist. Josh started performing 3 services every Sunday for a mega church in Austin with crowds around 2000 people. The church was very progressive, with a full band, lights, production, the whole nine yards. The opportunity gave Josh a lot of practice performing in front of large audiences, but Josh wanted more for his original music.


In January, 2016 Josh made the move from Austin Texas to Los Angeles. 


“It was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do. Leaving everything and everyone that I've ever known and moving to a place where I knew no one, was a huge leap into the dark, but I knew it was time.”


Josh Olsen may be fairly new to the Los Angeles music scene, but he has hit the ground running since the move to Los Angeles.  He was given the opportunity to co-wrote a song for NetFlix Fuller House Star, Juan Pablo Di Pace, for the release of his debut single “Broken”. He later went on to write several original songs for Juan's Broadway Debut Show "A Night With Juan Pablo Di Pace".


“My song writing process is different every time. I am always hearing melodies and will record them everywhere, from the shower, to the car, I’ve even woken up from a dream and recorded a melody to a song in the middle of the night. I grew up writing songs the old fashioned way, one instrument and a vocal, and then building from there.”

Josh's silky soulful vocals are influenced from a melting pot of artist, from The Beatles, to Beyonce. Finding inspiration for his music from every facet of his life, his EP "The Beginning of the End", talks about his failed relationships, his relationship with his family, and his relationship with himself.

Josh has release one single and video in 2018 ( Breathing In), and in 2019 release two more singles off of his upcoming EP (Bad Things & Sex With a Stranger) . The project was a collaboration between Josh and 2x Grammy Nominated Producer and Engineer, Bart Schoudel. The EP is set to release this August, 20, 2020.





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